About us

#1 Fan of local product

West Market - 

Now Kingstons Premier West Side Farmers Market at the Royal Kingston Curling Club.

Operating DAYS; 

Every Saturday from May 5th to October 6th (Thanksgiving Weekend).

Operating HOURS; 

9 am to 3 pm


Located at Days Road and Front Road along all major arteries going downtown. 

Access to Public Transportation


West Market is a foodie haven offering only local product from Local Farmers. It is 'LAND to HAND' where each and every producer can describe their growing/foraging/production in intimate detail so YOU know exactly what you are consuming. 

We are bringing our 'Land to Hand' lifestyle to you with seasonal fresh products specifically from our zone '5' growing area. Our connection to this land along with our experience will relay multiple layers of taste and ideas to your dinner table. 

 WEST MARKET is the first of its kind on the west side of Kingston. West Market is also a member of the FMO (Farmers Market Ontario) 


SHOPPERS love them because they can buy top-quality farm-fresh products directly from the person who produced them.


FARMERS love them because they’re fun and let them connect with consumers who love what they sell.



COMMUNITIES love them because they bring people together and can turn once-deserted areas into hives of activity.

West Market brought to you by Parker Bradley Construction